Materials for railroad infrastructure

Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP supply various materials for track bed structure. We can propose all required structural components: main trains, tramway rails, rails of crane track, points and spare parts, reinforced concrete, wooden and steel tie bars, fixtures of various types, insulation and other multiple parts. We cooperate with private and state small and large-scale enterprises, participate in public tender lots, attend exhibitions, carry out railroad market research and introduce new technologies. 

We do not stand in one place and keep pace with the time!

Our main goal is to develop and improve our skills in selected direction and the most important thing is an opportunity to propose you not only standard solutions, but also alternative innovations.
Each customer is proposed targeted and professional solutions. Firm liaison and rules of thumb, cooperation based on mutual respect, reliability and stability are our priorities and continuous search of new partners and ideas will provide the best targeted solutions for your business within the short timeframe.
If there is a requirement in spare parts for railroad construction you can contact us and we will propose targeted comprehensive approach which meets your requirements.
We are proficient and love your work!

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Contact person

Specialist - railroad and locomotive industry 
Rustam Tulebayev
Spare parts for freight and traction rolling stock 
М: + 7 701 425 21 88
Т: +7 727 344 04 10
F: +7 727 344 04 14 
Email address:

General Director
Denis Yefimov
М: +7 701 965 60 25
Т: +7 727 344 04 10
F: +7 727 344 04 14
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