Spare parts for freight and traction rolling stock

Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP provide comprehensive services for maintenance of freight and traction rolling stock. One of the main directions of our activity is supply of spare parts for railroad transport. We can supply over 7500 names of spare parts required for repair of rolling stock. 

We can offer spare parts for all locomotives and rail cars. 

Spare parts for locomotives:
Spare parts for main oil locomotives 2ТЭ10, М62, ТЭП70, 2ТЭ116, БР232, 2М62 etc;
Spare parts for manoeuvre locomotives (ТЭМ, ЧМЭ, ТГМ etc);
Spare parts for electric trains: ЭР-2, ЭР-9 etc.

Spare parts for rail cars:
Spare parts for freight rail cars (covered rail cars, semi-cars, railcars-tanks, grain carriers, cement carriers, mineral carriers etc);
Spare parts for passenger rail cars (rail cars of open type, rail cars – restaurants, compartment rail cars, two level rail cars, mail rail cars, luggage rail cars etc).
Rolling Stock Group are pleased to offer all required spare parts for repair and upgrade of rail cars and locomotives. Our long-term liaison with reliable suppliers and continuous stock in the warehouse ensure timely execution of obligations and supply of required components at the best available price.

Please contact us – we will be pleased to help you. 
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Specialist - railroad and locomotive industry 
Rustam Tulebayev
Spare parts for freight and traction rolling stock 
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General Director
Denis Yefimov
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