About Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP

Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP is a subsidiary of AS Skinest Rail corporate group.

Main types of company activity include:

Purchase, sale and export of spare parts for traction rolling stock (oil locomotives, electric locomotives, electric trains, locomotives etc);
Purchase, sale and export of spare parts of freight rolling stock;
Purchase, sale of railway rolling stock;
Purchase and export of materials of track bed structure;
Workover and upgrade of freight and traction rolling stock:
- diesel freight locomotives (2ТЭ116, 2ТЭ10, 2М62)
- passenger locomotives (ТЭП60, ТЭП70)
- manoeuvre diesel locomotives (ТЭМ1, ТЭМ2, ТЭМ-7, ТЭМ18, ЧМЭ-3)
- diesel trains (ДР1А, Д1)
- electrical trains (ЭР2, ЭР9) based on Daugavpillsky Locomotive Maintenance Plant
- various freight rail cars.


We care about our customers and we take care of all rail-related issues for You.

We constantly expand and improve ourselves in order to offer not only standard solutions for our clients, but also innovative variations of solutions. We allow our clients to choose the most acceptable solution. When looking for solutions, we always strive for high quality and optimal price.

We offer our clients personalized and professional solutions. To offer the best solution for your business, we are always looking for new, reliable partners and ideas. Over the many years of experience accumulated knowledge allows us to implement the suggestions in a short period of time.

To ensure the quality of performance, we have implemented a quality management system.

The system is certified according to DIN EN 9001:2001 requirements in this area of activity:

  • Wholesale trade by rail and spare parts;
  • Wholesale top rail road building parts, assemblies and other materials;
  • Railway construction, repair and maintenance;
  • Railway design.

We are proud, because:

  • We are able to offer comprehensive services for our customers;
  • We always offer something new;
  • We want to be the first and always try to improve ourselves;
  • We quickly respond to customer inquiries;
  • We provide the highest quality services at a reasonable price;
  • We have a large stock of spare parts on offer;
  • We represent the most reputable realization of the producers;
  • We offer a full range of possible needed parts and materials;
  • A substance is delivered in the shortest time;
  • We value customer feedback and an understanding of mutual communication.


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