Quality Assurance Policy

The goal of Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP is to have competitive advantage and meet the highest market demands, as well as act as a leader not only in domestic, but also foreign markets.

The mission of Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP is to direct public activity to the customer and meeting customer’s requirements, do our best to ensure that our services and goods meet customer’s requirements as well as get feedback that would enable us to expand sales volume and improve company profitability. We aspire to create good working conditions for their employees and provide stable income and all social guarantees in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Taking into account requirements of our customers we aspire to propose services, which are attractive for our customers in terms of both quality and price. We aim to achieve the objectives set for us through motivation of our highly skilled specialists, introduction of new technologies, and systematic development of public activity:
Skinest Rail Kazakhstan LLP management ensure that the quality assurance policy meets public intentions;
The community supplies spare parts for railroad transport and track bed structure, carries out construction and repair of rail tracks in accordance with international quality standards and continually improves the results of quality management;
The quality assurance objectives are set annually and reviewed by management in the course of assessment analysis;
The quality assurance policy is in public domain. The top management shall periodically explain the contents of the document to their employees and make amendments in line with their employees’ suggestions;
We systematically collect information about customer’s demands, analyse and propose new services and goods through application of state-of-the-art technologies;
We ensure the best combination of price, quality and timely delivery;
We promote good partner relationship with our suppliers (manufacturers) of spare parts and materials. We are in continuous search of new suppliers to provide high-quality goods and services to customers;
Our employees in railroad construction and maintenance team carry out construction and maintenance work in a timely fashion and in accordance with top quality standards and qualified specialists consult not only customers, but also contractors;
We are in continuous search of new ideas and introduce them into the market. We are confident that new ideas present huge guarantees of productivity and quality to our customers;
Our employees are a main factor of quality assurance. We ensure upgrading and deepening of their knowledge and skills and additional training.
The employer and employees must comply with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in execution of rights and responsibilities, internal labour rules and regulations, good faith and integrity.
Our activities include the following:
- Sale and lease of freight and traction rolling stock;
- Spare parts for freight and traction rolling stock;
- Maintenance of freight and traction rolling stock;
- Materials for railroad infrastructure;
- Construction and repair of rail tracks;
- Other services;

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